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So today we will talk about 5 Useful WhatsApp Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features 2022

5 Useful WhatsApp Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features 2022
5 Useful WhatsApp Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features 2022

WhatsApp No matter what is in your mobile phone today WhatsApp is in everyone's phone nowadays So everyone wants to know about the new features of WhatsAppSo today we will talk about some new features of WhatsApp.

Starred Messages

So you get a lot of messages on WhatsApp but there are some special messages in them In which there are some special messages, those special messages are given to your Star option

With the help of this you will not have to reprimand them again and again. Now your message is in a different place. has been saved

Now you just have to go to settings and there is that message in the Starred Message option will be.

Chat / Without Save

If you want to talk to someone on WhatsApp without saving the number, you can use the code wa.me921234567.

You can chat with anyone without saving their number. You cannot add country code or network in this code. To add 0

Fancy / Stylish Font

Many times you get messages, they are in different design, the sentence is written, it is reversed, it is written in different style.

So you can make it yourself You have to open the browser lingojam.com, then whatever you type in the box will come in a different design below. You can copy and paste whatever you like from here

Make your own stickers

So you often get funny, emotional stickers on WhatsApp. In this way you can also make your own stickers.

In addition, here comes an option Discovery your own sticker by clicking on it with the help of your applications Can make

Broadcast List

So with the help of Broadcast list you can create a list if you can send the same message to many people. So you can add them to the broadcast list and send the same message to everyone

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