How to change video background ||Green Screen|| Using Mobilephone

How to change video background || Green Screen || Using Mobilephone
How to change video background || Green Screen || Using Mobilephone

Today we discuss Change Video Background So we use green background during the recording because if you want to remove background quickly and professionally then we recommend use solid color green background.

We also called this green background is Chroma all the professional use today we discuss how to remove this Chroma using the the Smartphone if you don't have PC or Laptop then just use your smartphone and you can easily remove background and set any kind of background.

Professional Use:

Most of you know and may be most of you not know many movies make in front of this type of Green Background in single room but we think this movie is shoot in different locations.

If you learn this properly you can also make it profession and it help you a lot to make beautiful backgrounds in your videos.

Most of movies stunts make in front of this Green Background


  • Use proper lights when you record your video because light help you more to remove this easily and make your work more easy.
  • Use Good Quality Camera
  • Use proper Green Cloth Background you can also buy from market for Chroma
  • Use Power Director application for removing the background

How to Remove background:

Know after recording the video in front of green screen then open your mobilephone and install Power Director application in your mobilephone then open in your mobilephone and add your recorded video in Cyber Link Power Director application timeline.

Know add your background first in first timeline mode then add your recorded video in second timeline mode. Then select the second timeline mode and then select the option button and then select the Chroma Key option and select the pencil icon.

Know add the drag the icon on Green Background and you see the its transparent this side but it not transparent properly then use set this manually and set the background know your background is properly remove.

Using these simple steps you can easily change your video background and I hope this article help you.
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