Is Java and JavaScript are same?

Is Java and JavaScript are same?
Is Java and JavaScript are same?

Java  is OOP (Object Oriented Program) Programming Language on the other hand JavaScript is OOP (Object Oriented Program) is the Programming Script. JavaScript is written in text and only need interpreted. Java is a complete programming language and it must compiled.

Java and JavaScript also use in different fields. Java is commonly use for making devices applications and browses. JavaScript is use mostly use in for websites animations such as (sliders, hover, scroll) it use with html files.


Java handle very big responsibility in programming field. Java is use many high rated companies it is the backbone of many big companies. It provides highly dynamic interface.

There are Some well know companies that use Java such as:

  • Google
  • Airbub
  • PayPal
  • Twitter
  • Tesla
  • NASA
  • Minicraft
  • Spotify

 Google use Java in many mobile applications. Gmail is also develop using Java.

Airbub use mainly use backend development.

PayPal is one of the biggest online payment plate form they are both use Java and JavaScript.

Twitter is also use Java.

Tesla use many programming languages and it also use Java.

NASA also use Java for maintenance and observation.

Minicraft is very popular video game develop using Java.

Spotify is mostly use python but it also use Java.


JavaScript is server client application within browser. JavaScript natural disrupter popping in various place. JavaScript UI frame work such as Angular JS with any kind of backend.

Many number of hybrid frame work in market these are cross plate form with different mobile devices without recompiling. Many Game Engine such as Kiwi, Bablyno, use JavaScipt for customization. JavaScript provides similar interface without compile.

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